My love affair with photography

I'm new to blogging so bear with me but here you will read about my thoughts about photography and my experiences as a photographer. 

Why doesn't anyone print photos anymore.....

Have you noticed over the past 5-10 years that everyone has a camera out 24/7 in the form of a camera phone?  We take pictures of each other, selfies, pictures of the dog, our kids and endless photos of our food.....We take more pictures than ever before.  The fact that having a smartphone nowadays is basically a necessity it has made the endless snapping of photos really easy.  The problem is that everyone snaps away all the time but nobody prints photos anymore.  Those precious memories aren't being preserved.

So your out with your friends and your having a blast and you want to document it.  After you snap that photo what happens to it?  If your like a lot of people you instantly upload it to social media.  You might text it to someone.  After that what happens to the photo? Usually it's forgotten.  Our smartphones hold photo after photo and eventually we forget all about what's in there.  If your like me you rarely look back at them. We might even delete some photos eventually to make room for new ones. Hopefully you remember to back up the photos you have stored in your phone before you loose your phone or upgrade to the newest smartphone on the market.  If you don't those precious memories are lost forever.  

The harsh reality that most don't seem to understand is that those precious memories you've documented with your smartphone might look pretty good and look decent enough online but if you decide to print those photos you'll be disappointed in the quality.  The images are pixelated and blurry.  While smartphones are great for that quick capture on the fly they are not good for documenting those major life moments.  

I highly recommend you invest in a real camera.  You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a camera. If you invest in a decent point and shoot you'll be able to document those precious moments with clarity. Memories to look back on someday. These types of photos you can actually print and display in your home or put in an album.  As time goes by and your kids grow up and have kids of their own don't you want to be able to sit down one day with them and show them childhood photos of their parents?  Or would you rather show them a bunch of shoddy images on multiple smartphones (if you still have those old phones), CD's, Flash drives or worse tell them they were all lost or deleted somewhere?  Think of all the lost baby pictures, first dances, graduations, weddings, engagements that will be lost forever.  

I originally started in photography with film and in the darkroom.  That's my first love.  I loved that moment you went to pick up the roll of film you dropped off to see what you had there or the moment in the darkroom when your placing your paper in chemicals and waiting for the photo to appear.  While it's nice that we get to see the photos instantly now there's a little of that magic missing at least for me.  Even though i've gone with the times and switched over to digital technology I still pick out my favorite photos and print them.  Some are in an album and some are in frames all over my house.  There's something about having those wonderful past memories surrounding me on a daily basis.  

While I don't suggest you stop taking photos with your smartphone all together, I know I won't but I do hope you maybe think about taking photos of some of those critical life events with an actual camera and invest in tangible photo prints.   

If you don't believe me take a look at these two photos below.  Exact same subject taken one right after the other.  Do you notice the difference in sharpness and detail?  Invest in a camera.  The camera I used for this was nothing fancy.  

Photo taken with a camera 

Photo taken with smartphone