I tried to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions.  Have a question that's not listed here drop me a line or give me a call.  I'm always willing to answer your questions.

What's the happens next after we've chosen which session is best?

 A date with be chosen that works well for both of us.  I will email you copy of my contract for you to review.  After that we can chat about your thoughts for your session and choose a location.  

Do I need to put down a deposit to booking a portrait session with you? 

Yes, I do require a $75 Non Refundable deposit for sessions.  Wedding deposits will vary and payment schedules are available.   Sometimes rescheduling is necessary, life happens but please be mindful that once you get a date on my calendar, that I'm reserving that entire day just for you! So I do ask that you please be courteous of my time & call me to reschedule as early as possible so I can open up that day for someone else. If you need to cancel for any reason please let me know as soon as you possibly can.  It does take a lot of time and effort to plan and get ready for your session which is why I ask for a deposit to guarantee that's the date and type of session you want.  

How do I pay you?

After you've chosen a session and we've put a date in the books I will send you an invoice for the deposit.  Then the week of your photo shoot I will send you an invoice for the remainder.  Please bring  that invoice with you to the shoot.  If possible bring cash or a check to the session but if you need to I do also accept visa/mastercard via square.  

What do I wear for my session? 

This is a hard question to cover in one answer! Each shoot and client is totally different! After we've decided the location details and your vision for you shoot I will gladly discuss with you what you should consider when choosing your attire. Feel free to bring multiple clothing options and accessories! Remember accessories can really make or break your look! Do be mindful of your surroundings when choosing wardrobe.  You don't want to wear a party dress if we're shooting somewhere rustic! You should wear something that is comfortable to you and suits your style.  If your clothes don't fit properly and are uncomfortable it will come across in your photos.  Feel free to send me a photo of an outfit your considering and we can go from there if your not sure.  Also make sure everything is clean and free of creases and wrinkles print to the session.  

Can I wear more than one outfit?

Yes! If it's a 1-hour session I recommend 1-2 outfits.  For a 2-hour session I recommend 2-3 outfits.  Keep in mind that we are shooting on site and may not have access to a bathroom to change.  Make sure you are comfortable changing in the car so keep it simple!

How many photos will I receive from my shoot?
There is no guaranteed set number of photos.  I shoot hundreds of photos and choose the best!  I will provide you with the best photos from your session.  I tend to give you lots of extra images because I love them and want to share them with you.  I also love candid photos so don't be surprised when I shoot candids and they show up in your final delivery.  

When will I receive my photos?

4-6 weeks is what my contract states.  I usually am able to get them to you sooner than that but I do spend a great deal of time going through and perfect your images and it's not something to rush.  If your like me you hate waiting but some things are worth waiting for! 

How do I get my photos?  

I deliver all photos in an online password protected album that only you and myself can access unless you choose to let someone else access it.  From there you can order your prints and have them shipped directly to you!   You are welcome to give the link and password to anyone you want to view the photos.  Anyone that has access can order prints.  This is a great option if you have family out of town.  No more worrying about who want which photos and sizes.  Best part is it ships direct to whoever is ordering so no hassle to you.  I print my photos with WHCC; they provide the highest quality products and have many options available to you.  

Can't I just have them printed myself?

Technically yes you can.  I do not recommend this option but if you want you can purchase a flash drive with the highest quality digital images on it for an additional $100 to take wherever you'd like.  Keep in mind if you do choose this option your photos may not look the same as the images you see in your gallery.  High volume chain store labs do not calibrate their equipment regularly and use inferior paper and printing products which may throw off your colors especially skin tones.  You could print the same photo at the same lab 3 times and have 3 photos that have totally different colors in them.  I will require you to sign a statement that you are aware of this when you purchase the digital files.

Do I need to pay someone to do my hair and makeup? 

Not necessarily! If you want to feel extra special and glamorous go for it! If your going for something more casual then I don't recommend it.  In this case you want your normal everyday look to get that natural, casual vibe. 

Who should be at the session?  

Less is more! Distractions can really break a session.  Of course for children mom and or dad should be there.  For the high school seniors a parent is welcome and a friend but I don't recommend  a large group.  It can make you feel awkward posing and this will show in your photos.  

Can photos of the session in action be taken?  

No! This is extremely distracting to both the subject and me as a photographer.   I ask that no cameras or cell phones are used at my session unless i'm the one using them.  

I booked a newborn session what do I need to do?

 Make sure you book your session around your baby's typical schedule.  After their typical nap time so they're not fussy.  Baby should be fed just beforehand to make baby happy and sleepy.  Bring extra formula/milk to your session just in case and multiple clothing options since you never know with the little ones.  I don't recommend anyone besides mom and dad at these sessions.  The babies are very easily distracted.  Most important thing is for mom and dad to relax! If your stressed and uncomfortable your baby will know and it will show in the photos!

Can I purchase digital copies of my images? Yes, A Flash drive of all High Resolution edited images in your gallery  is available for purchase for $100 or you can purchase a flash drive of lower resolution images suitable for posting on social media only for $60.